BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shield™

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  • BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shield™ is an advanced electronic device that utilizes gentle vibrations to shield a fruit, tree, vine, vegetable, or plant from damage by Japanese beetles and other common pests.
  • They are Super Easy to use ! Just strap one on to a tree or plant and right away it begins to protect from damage by common insects like Japanese beetles.
  • Made in USA. Cost effective. Re-use year after year. 
  • Better than beetle traps that attract beetles that cause even more damage to plants.
  • See below to learn more and watch BugVibes™ in action!



    • Totally organic, safe for humans, and safe for honeybees.
    • Dramatically increases tomato and egg plant yields.
    • University tested and patented .
    • BugVibes™'s pest fighting principals are widely supported by university research:
    Product Details: Use on a tree or plant 10 foot or less. Use one per tree on very small trees or plants and 1-5 units on larger trees. Great with a loose trellis. Use with a stake on plants. Not effective on grasses or plants with many stems leaving the ground. All BugVibes™ kits include: a durable Neoprene plant guard, a durable EPDM rubber plant strap and a profile switch that enables a gardener or farmer to choose plant size and vibration level. The main housing is made of extremely durable, heat, and water resistant nylon and includes a patent pending plant mounting. The mounting enables BugVibes™ to be attached safely to a wide variety of plants and trees. BugVibes™ comes equipped with a light sensor to enable BugVibes™ to detect the environmental conditions when Japanese beetles and other pests are more active. *Most effective on Japanese beetles.
    See www.bugvibes.com/pest for more information.
    Uses standard AA batteries. Batteries sold separately.
    Manufactured under Patent 9,013,961

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