What is BugVibes™

What is BugVibes™
BugVibes™ is a small electronic device which straps to a tree, stem, plant, branch or loosely attached vine. Once strapped on, it vibrates according to patent pending algorithms to help chase away Japanese beetles, ants and many other pests from that plant. It's that easy to save the Most Valuable Plants in your yard. It is designed to help farmers, gardeners, and growers of all types reduce their use of pesticides and fight pests where traditional methods don't work well. It's completely organic.

New Integrated Pest Management tool!
The University of Wisconsin has verified its effectiveness on repelling Japanese beetles on potted rose bushes and determined that it could be the latest technology in Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With its advanced technology design, BugVibes™ comes in configurations designed for many different uses and types of pests. 

Here are some videos to help explain BugVibes™ 

Protecting roses 
Scaring away bugs