BugVibes™ - Electronic Plant Shield™- Cherry

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BugVibes™ Cherry is a small electronic device that is easily strapped to a new or established dwarf cherry tree. Once strapped on, it gently vibrates to help keep birds and cherry pests off the cherries. With BugVibes™ Cherry’s multiple bug fighting profiles, gardeners can easily adjust from fighting birds, cherry worms and cherry fruit flies in the spring to fighting off Japanese beetles that damage the trees later in the summer.


  • Grow cherries that are organic and safe for your family. 
  • Re-use BugVibes™ Cherry year after year. 
  • Compare the cost of BugVibes™ Cherry to the high cost of buying a new bird net, fresh chemicals, and Japanese beetle traps with new pheromones every year.  

BugVibes™ Cherry's power to help defend a tree from attack comes from an outdoor power supply and anywhere from 1 to 5 units depending on the size of the cherry tree and the number of trees you want to protect. Use the pull down list by the price to select the size of tree correct number of units.   One unit provides a young cherry tree with maximum protection to grow without being devastated by Japanese beetles. The 3 unit configuration provides a shield the right size for established dwarf cherries up to 7 feet tall. For larger trees, we recommend the 5 unit configuration.  

All Cherry kits also include nylon weather-proof housing, a heavy duty EPDM rubber plant strap to attach the device to the cherry tree, a patent pending plant guard, battery level indication, and vibration profile setting for vibration strength.
Made in the USA and easy to use!

BugVibes™ Cherry is easy to use yet offers powerful flexibility in its ability to switch to different operating modes. Strap them on to a cherry tree once cherries have reached green pea size. Plug in an outdoor power cord and BugVibes™ goes to work to help keep birds and fruit flies from destroying the crop. Reduces hassles with bird nets. Once the beautiful cherries have been picked, it can operate with the included AC power supply or batteries to help protect the tree from Japanese beetles.

Learn About Growing Organic Cherries with BugVibes™

BugVibes™ Cherry has produced early successful results in limited trials. Join the growing number of farmers and gardeners that are reducing pesticide use and help to verify the initial performance. 
See www.bugvibes.com/cherry for more information.

BugVibes™ Cherry can be more effective for birds when used together with strips of mylar tape.
For maximum effectiveness the leaves and cherries must vibrate. Not recommended for very large trees. When used without power supply, uses standard AA batteries for Japanese beetle
use, sold separately.
Maximum tree size supported is limited by 5 foot cables coming from a central point which provides mounting in approximately 10 foot dome.

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